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Katër shprehitë e përditshme që po na bëjnë të palumtur

Thonë se lumturia është term i paqartë sepse çdo njeri e percepton ndryshe atë. Por, psikologët dhe neuroshkencëtarët nuk pajtohen me këtë konstatim. Ata e dinë se çfarë na bën neve të kënaqur dhe çfarë na bën të mërzitur. NdonjëherëLexo më shumë

Dua Lipa vlerësohet për dukjen e saj në ceremoninë e Variety

Dua Lipa është ylli i momentit në skenën e muzikës botërore. Në fakt, ajo ka qenë edhe ylli i vitit duke marrë parasysh sukseset e projekteve të saja dhe të arriturat e shumta. Vlerësimet për 23-vjeçaren janë duke vazhduar akoma teksaLexo më shumë

Europe Calls for Tougher Rules on Global Markets

Sometimes it’s not just what is said that counts, but the way it is said. And if tone is anything to go by, the leaders of the European Union’s largest economies are dead serious about cleaning up global finance markets.Lexo më shumë

Petrol Politics: How Much Should an Oil Spill Cost?

How serious should the penalties for an oil spill be? In early November, Chevron and its drilling partner Transocean accidentally spilled some 3,000 barrels of oil into the ocean off the coast of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. As oilLexo më shumë

Betting on Big Solar

It’s good news for solar advocates and bad news for competitors: General Electric is breaking into the solar business in a major way. In April, GE announced it had built a solar module with the highest publicly reported efficiency rateLexo më shumë

Can Silicon Valley and Detroit Reinvent the Car Business?

In the month of October, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler once again increased their share of cars and light trucks sold in America. In the third quarter of this year, the companies all reported solid profits. In fact, for theLexo më shumë

Sheet Metal Worker

Sheet metal workers make sure you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer by servicing the heating and cooling equipment in buildings. These tradesmen and women may specialize in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems (also known asLexo më shumë

US and 11 other countries reach landmark Pacific trade pact

Trade ministers from 12 countries announced the largest trade-liberalizing pact in a generation on Monday. In a press conference in Atlanta, trade ministers from the US, Australia and Japan called the the Trans-Pacific Partnership an “ambitious” and “challenging” negotiation thatLexo më shumë

The mixed fortunes of a fuel

IN A high-tech world, dirty black lumps of coal might seem like an anachronism. Yet coal is far from a thing of the past. However whizzy your iPad, your wall-mounted television or your electric car, the chances are that itLexo më shumë

New DNA test for embryos could boost IVF success rates

A test that checks for abnormal amounts of DNA in IVF embryos has raised pregnancy rates at US fertility clinics that have started to offer the procedure. Scientists in Oxford who helped develop the test claim it can boost theLexo më shumë

Renewable electricity overtakes coal for first time in UK

Britain generated more of its electricity from renewable sources than from burning coal for the first time in the second quarter of 2015, as more wind and solar farms were built. A record high of 25.3 per cent of theLexo më shumë

Truckers strike four shipping companies at Southern California ports

Tractor-trailer drivers who haul freight from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach went on strike on Monday against four trucking companies, a Teamster union official said, in a move that could revive labor tension at the nation’s busiestLexo më shumë

RHS Sunflower seed giveaway

April 14-20 is National Gardening Week, the RHS’ annual attempt to get us off the sofa and onto the beds with a series of events and initiatives. It has extra oomph because 2014 is also the 50th anniversary of BritainLexo më shumë

UK construction growth bolsters economic recovery hopes

Britain’s construction industry grew at the fastest pace in nearly a year in February, bolstering expectations that the UK will escape a double dip recession. February data from economic research firm Markit signalled a solid rise in construction output, extendingLexo më shumë

‘Stem rust’ fungus threatens global wheat harvest

The world’s leading crop scientists issued a stark warning that a deadly airborne fungus could devastate wheat harvests in poor countries and lead to famines and civil unrest over significant regions of central Asia and Africa. Ug99 — so calledLexo më shumë

Italian vintners forced to harvest crops early due to sultry summer

Italy is set for one of its smallest wine harvests after an arid, torrid summer – and will almost certainly cede its title as the world’s biggest wine producer to France. Growers say scorching temperatures and meagre rainfall have affectedLexo më shumë

Banks fail to meet targets to increase lending to small business

Banks failed to increase lending to small businesses in the first three months of 2010, despite political pressure to free up the credit markets. The Bank of England’s latest credit conditions survey found that credit made available to small businessLexo më shumë

Tackling the problem of really slow ADSL broadband

As you have discovered, in our new competitive broadband market, the buck frequently doesn’t stop anywhere. Demon is your internet service provider (ISP), but it sounds as though your broadband is actually provided by BT Wholesale. However, OpenReach looks afterLexo më shumë

Sri Lanka’s tea growers have gone organic

Until quite recently, Sri Lanka had disappeared from the British tea connoisseur’s map. While European tea lovers have always rated top Ceylon estates highly, here the 60s Ceylon Tea centres – which served up a cup of heartburn-inducing tannic brewLexo më shumë

Small businesses: the importance of knowing your market

So you’ve had a lightbulb moment and come up with a business idea. Now you need to ask yourself a simple question: “‘Will my idea work?” The only way to answer this is by doing research. But, even though theLexo më shumë

The experts’ step-by-step guide to cyber security

Where does cyber security fall on your to-do list? If it’s not a priority, it should be because 60% of small businesses suffered a breach in the year leading up to October 2014. The worst of these breaches disrupted operationsLexo më shumë

Farmers fall prey to rice rustlers as price of staple crop rockets

Knee-deep in muddy water, her face smeared with sandalwood paste and a broad-brimmed hat for protection against the broiling sun, Samniang Ketia grins broadly at her good fortune to be in the rice growing business as she replants shoots forLexo më shumë

United Airlines will honour flight tickets mistakenly sold for $5 to $10

United Airlines will honour plane tickets it mistakenly sold online for between $5 and $10, the company said on Friday. Customers using the airline’s website were able to book tickets without paying airline fares – just airport and security feesLexo më shumë

Seven reasons the world’s stock markets are falling

European markets are in panic mode with all major indices down sharply. It follows a widespread sell-off on both sides of the Atlantic on Wednesday. Here are seven reasons why investors are so nervous: Fears of a global slowdown ledLexo më shumë

South Sudan to export coffee for the first time

The world has long been pleading with South Sudan’s feuding leaders to wake up and smell the coffee. The four-year-old country is notorious for conflict and oil but less well known for a coffee farming industry that was wiped outLexo më shumë

The European Union needs reforming, not abandoning

Jonathan Freedland (Opinion, 10 October) is right to warn that a “remain” vote in the forthcoming EU referendum is by no means a foregone conclusion, not least because some will doubtless use it as an opportunity to show two fingersLexo më shumë

Günter Grass: final interview reveals author’s fears of another world war

Germany’s Nobel-winning author Günter Grass said he feared humanity was “sleepwalking” into a world war in the last interview he gave before his death on Monday. “We have on the one side Ukraine, whose situation is not improving; in IsraelLexo më shumë

Wall Street still sees itself as its own best client. Can that ever be remedied?

Imagine, if you can, a world in which the big banks subscribe to a code of conduct that includes a pledge that “we seek no more than a level of profit commensurate with the value we create for our customers”.Lexo më shumë

Car manufacturing hits reverse gear

UK car manufacturing went into reverse in August as factories closed for the summer holidays. A total of 71,065 cars rolled off production lines last month, 22% less than the 91,282 cars built in August 2013, according to the SocietyLexo më shumë

Modern cargo ships slow to the speed of the sailing clippers

The world’s largest cargo ships are travelling at lower speeds today than sailing clippers such as the Cutty Sark did more than 130 years ago. A combination of the recession and growing awareness in the shipping industry about climate changeLexo më shumë